Here are some things that some of my clients have said about me.

"My husband and I are not birders. But we found out that a day with Ken could seriously turn you into one! We found Ken to be skilled, knowledgeable, and charming, with good communications skills (especially before our outing - important, because our trip was a surprise present for my hubby's birthday!). Ken will hear from us again as the seasons change, and as we have guests come visit. I can't think of a better way to enjoy the beauties of Humboldt County than a stroll through the woods and marshes with Ken." - Rima Greer, Eureka, CA

"My friend, Cindy, and I were in Northern California & hired Ken to take us birding around the Crescent City area. We thoroughly enjoyed the full day of birding and were very impressed with his knowledge of the area, the birds and the bird calls. He also was up on the latest bird sightings around the area. Thanks, Ken!" - Claire Moore, Houston, TX

"We birded Humboldt for two days with Ken. Ken is a true professional. He asked ahead of time for our target birds and planned our time to search carefully for these species. He asked appropriate questions concerning mobility as one bird required a hike. Ken is an excellent birder who knows the best local birding places and has a great knowledge of bird sound. He used both skills expertly to our advantage. His persistence and willingness to wait out the Sooty Grouse showed his commitment to our priorities. He has cultivated excellent relationships with the local community, which fact allowed us access to restricted areas and to have unique experiences of Northern Spotted Owl. Besides his birding ability, he is fun to be with. We would recommend him to any visiting birder. Thanks, Ken, for the Brown Shrike and many other wonderful birds." - Pat Moynahan and Marian Zimmerman, Biddeford, ME

"We took a two-week trip to the Northern California coast, our first trip to Redwood Country. Without a doubt, the highlight of the trip was the two days we spent with Ken exploring Humboldt County. We saw so many new species of birds and went to out-of-the-way places to go birding that only someone with lots of experience and enthusiasm would know about. He also gave us so many ideas of places to go to explore on our own. He really knows the flora and fauna of the area. We will never forget seeing redtail hawks soaring below us when we drove over the top of Bear River Ridge. Thank you, Ken!" - The Hogans, Oro Valley, AZ

"Our family of four had the pleasure of having Ken as our guide for two days. We set everything up by email and then exchanged cell phone numbers — so convenient! We wanted a guide to see the best of the redwoods and some of the beaches, etc. Ken did a fabulous job of accommodating our interests while keeping us entertained and informed about our surroundings. Ken is very patient and easygoing. We enjoyed our trip so much more due to Ken’s efforts. We would recommend Ken highly as an “investment” that will pay travel “dividends”!" - The Lewises, St. Joseph, MO

"Ken turned a simple walk along a familiar trail into an exciting new adventure of the wonders of nature. We thought that inviting our neighbors for a leisurely hike with Ken in our own area would be a fun and interesting learning experience. It turned out to be much more. Even before we had walked 100 yards, Ken was intently communicating with birds and drawing them out of the trees for all of us to see and hear. He pointed out the songs of each bird and explained its eating and nesting habits and much more. As we leisurely hiked along, people had many questions about plants and trees. Ken was always willing to answer our questions and he is extremely knowledgeable about native plants and animals and their habitats. While viewing a great blue heron rookery, we had our most unexpected finding: In a redwood grove Ken found a vulture's nest inside an old redwood stump, complete with two baby vultures hopping on the nearby logs. He also was able to pick up old logs to find bugs and salamanders underneath, even picking the animals up to show us but always carefully replacing things afterwards so as not to disturb their habitat. What great fun and learning experience one can have when knowledgeable people such as Ken share their expertise, knowledge and care for the environment. We are going to make this hike with Ken a tradition and we can't wait to go exploring with him again." - Sue Ann and Wynne Herron, Sonoma, CA

"Our experience with Ken was positive from start to finish. He responded quickly to my e-mailed request at the last minute to set up an early morning tour in the Marin Headlands. Hired as a birthday gift for my fiancee, Ken did a great job accommodating our interests and (lack of) experience. We were rewarded with some spectacular sightings and had very enjoyable discussions. We both highly recommend Ken for guided walks in the North Bay area." - Solomon G., Boston, MA

"As an event coordinator for the University of California, Santa Cruz, Alumni Association, I am always looking for unique activities - fun and educational opportunities to which our alumni would not have access except through their Alumni Association. We have been very fortunate to have UCSC alumnus Ken Burton offer his services as a naturalist guide on hikes in the Point Reyes area. Ken has a deep store of knowledge of the flora, fauna, and other natural history of the area. He also has tremendous enthusiasm for identifying and sharing the sights, sounds, smells, and touch of nature along the trail. Alumni have commented that they learned so much, had a lot of fun, and are looking forward to the next hike!" - Allison Garcia, Outreach Programs Coordinator, UCSC Alumni Association

"Of the 114 different species I got to see when we visited California, all but 19 were thanks to Ken! This good experience has made me realize when time is short to make the most of it by having a guide to get me to the right places instead of wasting time seeking them out on my own. Also, it was a big help having his knowledge of convenient lodging and just learning about the areas we visited. My friends have listened closely about the nice time my husband and I had birding with Ken. It's hard to thank him enough." - Clare Wheeler, Lake Ozark, MO

"I really would've enjoyed our outing even if none of the birds had been lifers. This is due to Ken's patience as he helped my two friends, who are new to birding, and his expertise as he guided us to the right spots to see the birds on my target list. I think the highlight of the day for me was the last bird before we ascended the canyon through the redwoods. Ken had tried several times, when we were in the right habitat, to find a Wrentit for us. Good that he didn't give up. It was fantastic when, at the last possible spot, he coaxed one out of the brush. I'm sure it was as surprised to see us as we were to be face-to-face with it. I am looking forward to making a return trip and having Ken show me some places we didn't have time for this trip. Maybe some owls?" - Mel Hochhalter, Chapel Hill, NC

"As a novice birder visiting from the East Coast, I was eager to see as many California species as possible. Ken carefully planned a trip to do that, and we saw a huge number of birds in different environments - and what excellent birding places these were. Ken is very knowledgeable about the birds, their field marks, their songs, their habitat, history of land use in the area - in fact, knowledgeable on quite a range of interesting topics. As importantly, his easy-going style, patience and free sharing of information were much appreciated. I can't recommend an outing with him highly enough." - Kellye Rosenheim, New York, NY

"I am a semi-novice Western birder (from Maryland) who was able to bird with Ken Burton for two days over the Labor Day weekend and I have great memories of our foray. Despite the fact that the roads were packed with Labor Day weekend tourists, Ken took me on a birding circuit that highlighted the panoramic Marin County views, helped us evade unwanted crowds, and allowed us to have a highly successful trip. Ken has a practiced eye and keen ear and was able to help me locate several life bird species that had been elusive to me. Beyond simply finding the birds, Ken gave essential tips on their habitat preferences and peculiarities that will make me a more confident and capable birder on future trips. Ken was an extremely personable (and patient) guide whose knowledge of birds in Marin County (and beyond) made our trip together totally pleasurable. I look forward to another trip sometime soon and hope that Ken will be sharing his skill and knowledge with me again." - Ted Vawter, Kensington, MD

"I am a new birder and have started to seek out local guides when I travel so I can enjoy the birds in the area where I am visiting. Ken came equipped with extra binoculars, a scope, a knowledge of where to go in Marin County and a great attitude. The day was thoroughly enjoyable and my daughter and I had a great time. I was able to see birds that don't make it to the Texas coast. I highly recommend Ken as a guide." - Rita Schaulat, Houston, TX

"I have been on a number of birding trips sponsored by Marin Audubon Society that Ken has led. On every trip we have had 15 to 35 people. He has always managed to keep everyone in the group involved and interested in the birding whether they are just beginners or expert birders. His knowledge is extremely good, from calls to field marks to habitat and life histories of the various species seen. He shares this knowledge in a way that lets everyone learn. It is always an enjoyable trip when Ken is leading. I never miss one." - Bruce Bajema, Field Trip Committee Chair, Marin Audubon Society

"It's a real treat to have a birder of Ken Burton's caliber and knowledge of birding spots leading field trips. His trips are always well attended and much appreciated." - Lillian Fujii, former Field Trip Committee Chair, Golden Gate Audubon Society

"There are a lot of great birders out there who know how to identify birds, but there are few who can really teach people about birds in the field. Ken is the kind of guide who does a lot more than just point out the birds and move on, he illustrates the natural history and behavioral aspects of the species and leaves you knowing more about how each bird fills a unique niche. I have watched Ken work with large groups and have always been impressed with his ability to make sure that everyone in the group gets a chance to see the subject of discussion." - David Herlocker, Marin County Open Space District Naturalist